Using Homeopathy to boost your immune system

There is so much talk right now about boosting our immunity in order to help to protect ourselves from the covid virus and so people need to understand exactly how they can do this.

To start with It’s important that we ensure that our diets consist of enough fresh fruit and veg and that we are not consuming processed junk foods that consist of very few minerals. It is also a good idea to cut down on your sugar intake, especially if you are someone who loves to drink fizzy drinks and has a sweet tooth and try to minimise your intake of alcohol.

If you are feeling stressed then it is important to find ways to start alleviating this, because stress and worry really do impact our health and immune system in a big way. The moment that we start to feel anxiety we are actually stripping ourselves of minerals and so now is the time to go out walking in the sun shine, learn to meditate, listen to relaxing music and sort out any sleep issues that you may have which may be alleviated with Homeopathy and herbs, Sleep is important in keeping us healthy.

I have used Homeopathy for many years now to help to boost my own immunity and whilst there are specific remedies that can be used and help to support the immune system, the best way to boost it with Homeopathy is by taking a detailed analysis of a patient and giving specific remedies that suit them as an individual after looking at the totality of symptoms. This means that a Homeopath will be interested in your likes and dislikes during a consultation and what makes you feel better, what current ailments you have and how you feel about life day to day.

Homeopathy takes a very different approach to health. Even if you are not currently suffering from any ailments, individual remedies can still be matched up to an individual person based on their preferences, life style and mental emotional factors and all this information can be used to find the correct remedies that fit you as a person and so helps to boost your immunity along with the correct diet and nutrition.

Remember to take vitamin C, D and Zink if you also wish to look at supplements. Shitake mushrooms are also very good for stimulating the immunity because they increase the T cells.

I personally also take super green powders every day that consist of spirulina, wheat grass, moringa and chlorella and put these into a glass of fresh juice.

If you would like to make an appointment then they are held on line or in the Calne wellbing clinic

Text or phone 07919378323 or email

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