What I The Mind Body Connection?

Many people still do not understand the mind body connection, so what does it really mean when we talk about the mind and the body being connected?

The easiest and simplest way to understand this is to say that the body never lies and that the physical symptoms which we often feel, not always but often are the effect of the emotional state that we are or have experienced.

For example, if a person is suffering from sciatica, I would ask them “what is stopping you from moving forward and why are you afraid”? If I had a client who was suffering with tinnitus, I would ask what is it that you do not wish to hear in life? If there was stiffness in the spine I would be wanting to know where in their life they are failing to be flexible and allow change.

This is just a simple outline but you only need to read the work of Louise Hay to see for yourself that if we are suffering from mental and emotional trauma then our bodies become effected physically over time.

Once I have clients in front of me we can look at these issues on a much deeper level because they are different for everyone, we got hurt for different reasons and so Homeopathy does not approach the issue with a one size fits all solution.

I still to this day get people approaching me and asking me what they can take for a certain ailment and whilst there are most certainly remedies for acute conditions it shows me that people are still very unaware that the mind is the driving force behind most of these ailments and that what is needed is true healing that takes everything into account, especially the mind.

I had a client recently who had been suffering with Crohn’s disease. She had tried absolutely everything to rid herself of this awful illness, but nothing had worked. During the consultation she began to open up and told me that she had been abused some time before the illness occurred, but she believed that she had dealt with it, though sadly over the years she was getting sicker and sicker and she had not realised that all she had done was suppress her feelings by attempting to not think about it. Once I realised that this was ailments from abuse, I gave her Staphisagria and carcinocin intercurrently in a fairly high potency and pretty soon she was reporting that her symptoms were improving dramatically.

Many people are not aware of what has made them sick in the first place, largely due to the fact that we are all used to going to the doctor and handing our symptoms over in the hope that some pills will fix us. We have basically lost touch with our bodies, stopped listening to them, paying attention to how and when we got sick and what was occurring around that time.

Most of us have been conditioned into giving away our power and expecting the GP to heal us, when in fact the responsibility to care for our bodies and wellbeing was always ours and we have the ability to do just that if we choose too. We just need to listen more carefully and be open to the possibility that illness doesn’t only originate from physical trauma, but that our body is connected to the mind in a way that we are just not taught in schools and throughout our life.

There are of course situations where injury has occurred and toxicity is apparent and this does need addressing, as well supporting the client mentally and emotionally. For instance there are a great many people who have toxic livers these days and this can and does cause many health issues that a lot of people are not even aware of, but as well as supporting the organs and getting to the root cause of sickness I still believe as Dr Bach did that illness for the most part originates from mental and emotional factors and whilst we can equate many illnesses such as PMS, chronic fatigue, IBS, Migraines, Thyroid issues to physical issues there are and have always been the emotional triggers.

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